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VW Motorhomes

We offer specialist servicing and repairs for all forms of classic motorhomes. We specialise in repairs for the classic VW camper van in particular. This includes full engine overhauls! We’ve restored plenty of iconic VW camper vans over the years – including the Mystery Machine! Check out our photo gallery for more details.

Classic Car Restoration

We also offer specialist repairs and servicing for all types of classic cars. This includes carburettor tuning. Not every garage has the experience or ability to restore older vehicles, which is why we’re the best choice in Broxburn. We can repair any fault, even those on the rarest models. If your classic car needs a part that we can’t get a hold of, our excellent mechanics will fabricate it on site! It will meet all safety specifications and fit with the rest of your car perfectly. Check out our photo gallery for some examples of our work.

We’ve got the experience to keep your precious vehicle safe

A rare classic car is a joy to behold but entrusting it to someone for repairs can be incredibly daunting. Here at Car Craft Broxburn, we’ve repaired classic cars for over 30 years, and have built a reputation as a trustworthy business. We’ll keep in touch with you throughout your classic car restoration and work with you to achieve the best result. If you’re looking for an experienced local garage to help with your classic car restoration project, look no further than Car Craft Broxburn.

Due to the complex nature of these repairs, the hours spent on projects such as these are unpredictable. There is also a potential delay when ordering new versions of extremely rare parts. All this may increase the price of the initial estimate. However, if you want something done properly and your car in the condition it should be, we are the best place to visit.

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We offer an easy online booking tool to help you organise your classic car restoration. However, it may be easier to enquire about the process over the phone, in order to discuss all the details. Our number is at the bottom of the page and we are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. Feel free to call and we’ll see how we can best help you!

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