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As a specialist garage, we never take shortcuts when it comes to corrosion and welding. This is a very dangerous issue and needs to be repaired correctly or you risk suffering significant structural damage in your car. There are several different types of welding such as low budget structural welding and MOT related corrosion. If you are looking for a good quality welding job done as it should be, then please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate or any extra details about our welding services.

Part Vehicle Restoration & Fabrication

When dealing with corrosion, the real cause is what lies beneath. Unfortunately, if you notice holes or corrosion, you might not see the full story. Corrosion is nearly NEVER as it appears on the surface. A small hole can potentially be the gateway to something far worse. The only way to know the full extent is to clean the area and cut out the corrosion. We do our very best when estimating these jobs to factor for any unknown corrosion lurking beneath the surface, but unfortunately, the extent of the corrosion can sometimes go beyond our estimation.

Full Restoration and Fabrication

It’s almost impossible to put a price on any full restoration, especially if the vehicle has an underlying corrosion issue. Sometimes, the only way to know the full extent of this issue is to carry out a complete strip down and send the vehicle shell to be acid dipped. However, what we can guarantee is the fabrication and corrosion prevention is 1st class. We can even fabricate parts not otherwise available on the market!

As you can’t always see a full restoration when the vehicle is complete, we provide every client with either a DVD or USB with photographs to show them the measures we have taken to rid the vehicle of corrosion and the measures we have taken to prevent further corrosion. That way, you get to see the quality of our work for yourself! It’s a time consuming & costly process but the end result is priceless, especially when you book with Car Craft Broxburn.

Due to the complex nature of these repairs, and the potential delay in ordering new, extremely rare parts, the hours spent on any project such as these are unpredictable. This may increase the price of the initial estimate. However, if you want something done properly and your car in the condition it should be, we are the best place to visit.

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